Do you smell of poo, too?

Monday, 29 December 2008

Meezer Christmas Stocking

Hey effrycat!

I'm pawfully sorry I haven't posted in soooo long. Mummy is really busy going out with her friends and being a 'ho so it leaves little time for me to blog. No fair!

Anyway, I got the most pawsome Christmas stocking from Santa Paws! Wanna see?

Yao-Lin got a stocking too but I'm not sure how cos he is always naughty and NEVER nice! Mummy didn't get any pictures of Yao opening his stocking because he hasn't bothered getting out of bed all over Christmas. In fact, the only time anyone has seen Yao-Lin for days is when he saunters into the kitchen to scoff some turkey. Apparently that is really tiring cos afterwards he goes straight back to bed to sleep it off.

I don't mind tho cos I have been busy playing with my toys and drinking turkey gravy!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful!

Lots of luf and hugs

Baby Mao xxx

p.s Can somecat please tell me how I can add one of those cool signature things that all the cool cat bloggers have these days?