Do you smell of poo, too?

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Hi guys!!! Another Thursday and this time I have decided to dedicate this list of thirteen things to my Mummy!

Thirteen reasons why I love my Mummy!

1. She always feeds me my favourite food and I get extra when Yao-Lin is playing outside.

2. When she is sat in front of the tv or the computer, she lets me climb inside her shirt for warmth. I just purr and purr and purr.

3.She gives the best cuddles – she knows exactly how I like my chin to be scratched.

4. She is always talking to me. She believes in encouraging your cat to communicate and we have real actual conversations about all sorts of things! (Mainly poo though).

5. She is trying to teach me to say 'hello’ in human. I am almost there believe it or not! Well, sort of!

6. She plays fetch with me for at least fifteen minutes every day.

7. My favourite toy is a small orange mouse. Mummy knows this so she ensures she always has an endless supply – I think she buys in bulk from the pet shop!

8. Every morning before she goes to work she always says ‘I love you Royal Yao-Lin and Baby Mao’. Then she gives us an extra kiss and a cuddle before leaving.

9. She laughs at my antics – especially when I put the bitey on my Daddy.

10. She doesn’t mind that I smell of poo. She told me all about Skeezix and his poo problems and that everyone still loves Skeezix ever so much! It made me feel so much better!

11. She was over the moon with my score on the cat IQ test she did recently. She boasts to her friends about her ‘little genius’.

12. She always sneaks a little bit of her dinner to me when nobody is looking. She is trying to fatten me up but without porky Yao-lin seeing!

13. She doesn't get cross when I get my white fur all over her work clothes. Most days she goes into work in a mohair jumper because of me!

Right, Im off to play now - I hope you liked my Thursday Thirteen!

Love and purrs

Baby Mao xxxx

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Tabby & Tongue on Tuesday!

Hi effryone!!! Thank you so so much for your very kind comments yesterday, it really really made my day!

I think Yao-Lin is a bit jealous that I have a blog now and that I already have loads of friends. I tried telling him that he doesn't need to have faithful subjects, he can just have good friends but he won't listen. Honestly, his ego must be wounded (just a little) because he has been sulking in the cat bed all day.

Anyway, onto today's theme: Tabby Tuesday!

As you already know, Lynx point Siamese are called Tabby Point Siamese in the U.K . I think that means I can qualify for Tabby Tuesday. Then I started to think: what if I want to qualify for Tongue Tuesday too?

I got a bit confused until I found this in the archives:

So I fink that means I can count for both today!
Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!! I am off to boast to Yao-Lin that I got more comments than him and that means I have more friends. Nananananana.
Mummy says it is a bit like the carrot and stick but I dunno what she means!
Love, purrs and hugs
Baby Mao xxxx

Monday, 28 May 2007

Meme on Monday

Hi effryone!!!!!! You can't see it, but I am jumping up and down with excitement!


Uh -oh, I think I pooed a little bit then. *Deep breath*.

For those of you who don't know me, I am Yao-Lin's baby brother. Mummy said that it isn't fair that Yao-Lin is the only one with a blog. Yao-Lin was gettin' huffy because I kept sneaking onto his blog and posting things all about myself.

Also, Monty Q Cat tagged me for a meme! He said I was only allowed to complete it if I got my own blog, so here it is. BIG MAJOR thank you to Monty Q Cat - I can't wait to make loads of friends and talk to everyone about my cuteness and my poo. They are my most favourite subjects!

Anyways, this Meme is all about Confessions. The rules are pretty simple - just confess as much as you like and then tag as many other cats as you like.

Baby Mao's Confessions:

1. I love my big brother Yao-Lin. He always supports me when I am plotting naughty things to do. In fact, he positively encourages me.

2. When I first came to live with my Mummy and Daddy and big brother, I didn't like the litter they were using. To show them how much I hated it, I waited until the evening when they were watching TV and then I pooed all over my cat bed. *snigger*

3. I love talking about poo. My Aunty and I talk about this regularly because she suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. We have deep and meaningful chats about it whenever she comes by.

4. I am scared of going outside. Seriously, I just run indoors whenever the window is open.

5. I hiss at strangers. It isn't that I am unfriendly, I just don't know them very well and I think they are a bit scary.

6. When Yao-Lin is sauntering around like he is king of the castle, I laugh at him behind his back.

7. I love climbing the curtains and then falling onto my Daddy's head when he is asleep.

8. I have a crush on Kaia.

Right, I already tagged Kaia so now I am going to tag every cat that passes by!

Well, that is all from me for today but I really look forward to posting again and I intend to pimp up my blog gradually!

Love, purrs and stinky kisses

Baby Mao xxxx