Do you smell of poo, too?

Friday, 30 November 2007

Fun on Friday

Yao-Lin! If you laugh at me I will BOP you!

Today I didn't have a very good day.

Mummy took me to the vet for a check up.

I got very very upset when I saw the cat carrier and it took mummy an hour to get me into it.

When we finally got to the Vet's office, the man was very nice and he said I was beeeyooootiful. I just hissed at him.

Then I had an injection and he forced a pill down my throat.

And before I left and then when I got home, all Yao-Lin did was laugh and laugh and laugh at me.


S'not fair.

Mummy! Can I have my treats now for being such a special brave boy?

Luf n hugs

Baby Mao xx

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Friday, 23 November 2007

Frootbat Friday

Hey effrycat!

I love this picture - you can clearly see all my whiskers and my big frootbat siamese ears!

Mummy says I look a little like a crazy cat in this photo. That's OK cos I am a little bit crazy sometimes :-)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I must say, I am very very jealous to hear about all of the turkey you got to eat. S'not fair. I don't get turkey until Christmas.

I will dream about teleporting over to your turkey filled houses tonight ha ha.

Luf n hugs

Baby Mao x

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Thanksgiving Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving to my America friends!

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in England which is a shame becos we have a lot to be thankful for!

Except maybe for the football results - England lost to Croatia 3-2 last night! Mummy said it was a dismal performance but truthfully England didn't really deserve to go through anyway.

So I thought I would list thirteen things I am thankful for :

1. My warm fur. It keeps me toasty.

2. My Mummy. She lets me snuggle under her T-Shirt when it's cold.

3. My yummy food. Everyday I get a yummy dinner and I eat all of it and then I sneak some of Yao-Lin's when he isn't looking. Ha ha!

4. My toys. I have lots and lots of toys.

5. My zoom groom! It's great! I purr and purr. I was frightened of it at first but then I realised how nice it feels.

6. My blog. I love how many friends I have and I LOVE receiving international parcels! They are sooo much fun!

7. My catnip banana. Well, I am thankful for it but I haven't actually been allowed to play with it yet. I will, in time.

8. My big brother. He may be moody but he does get things done around here.I have to give credit where credit is due - Yao-Lin knows exactly how to get mummy to clean the litter tray/cook the dinner/feed us treats etc.

9. My siamese howl. I like to excercise my vocal cords every day at 5:00 am. I think I sound like an angel singing. ;-)

10. My neighbours who eat KFC every weekend. Yao-Lin always manages to steal some and afterwards he brings it back and we play with it. Except he growls at me but that is ok cos it is still fun and a bit tasty too.

11. My girlfriend Kaia.

12. My clothes. Mummy always buys me cute clothes.

13. My mummy's wages which keep the stinky goodness coming.

Haf a lovely Thanksgiving all my American friends, I wish I could celebrate it over there with you!

Luf n hugs

Baby Mao

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

Look effrycat! I got my certificate for winning the Not of My Species Category in the Halloween Contest!

Thanks so much Karl and all at the Cat Realm!

Yao-Lin is REALLY jealous!! I love it!

Luf n hugs

Baby Mao xxx

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Tummy Tuesday

Hey effrycat! Here is a picture of my tummy! S'ok - you can snuggle it if you want to!

P.S I got my certificate for winning Karl's category of the Halloween Contest today! I will tell you ALL about it tomorrow!

Luf n hugs

Baby Mao xx

Sunday, 18 November 2007

You Make Me Smile Award

Hey effrycat!

I was given this award by my good friend Luxor!

I think this is a brilliant award. I would like to pass this award on to:

Princess Tara because she and Kavan are hilarious
Chase (the new kitty on the block) because she is so so brave and wonderful.
The Mosaic Cats because they are so funny!
The Cat Realm - one specific poo smelling cat in their household REALLY makes me smile!

Lots of luf n hugs

Baby Mao xxx

Friday, 16 November 2007

Fashion Friday

This is my new T-Shirt! I love it!

Mummy bought it for me because it says ' Angel' on it and I am mummy's little angel. Allegedly.

You can also wear this shirt with the words at the front. It looks equally stylish!

It's very impawtant to give loving looks to the camera, especially if there is a chance your girlfriend might see the pictures! Kaia can I be your angel?

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Monday, 12 November 2007

Meezer Monday

Dear Kaze, Latte, Chase & all the cats who voted for me in the Halloween Contest.

My parcel arrived but it was intercepted before I had the chance to inspect the contents.

I did not realise you would be sending drugs in the form of a cat nip banana. Yao-Lin has been going MENTAL since the parcel arrived and I am now getting quite scared.

I am also very very cross with my brother because he won't let go of MY catnip banana. Mummy keeps chasing me with the zoom groom and I haf to keep telling her I just want the nip. You understand, I am sure.

Anyway, maybe one day I will be allowed to play with my new toy. It looks and smells very exciting!!

I am very very grateful to have received such a fantastic parcel all the way from America and I want to say a sincere thank you to my good friends in the cat blogosphere. That's all of you except for Yao-Lin who is fast becoming my sworn enemy.

Luf n sulky hugs

Baby Mao xx

Friday, 9 November 2007

Fun on Friday

I DO NOT smell of poo! I smell of peppermint! Ok?

Haf a great weekend

Luf n hugs

Baby Mao xx

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Thursday Question

Is it safe for cats to drink peppermint tea? Cos me and Yao-Lin LOVE it. But mummy doesn't know if it is safe.

I was jus' wundrin if any cat knows the answer?

Luf n hugs

Baby Mao xxx

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Monday, 5 November 2007

Meezer Monday

"Hmm...where is that poo smell coming from?"

He he he

Luf n hugs

Baby Mao