Do you smell of poo, too?

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I'm Back!

Hey effrycat!

I'm back and I am OK! I am so happy that you were worried 'bout me! Yao-Lin says nocat cares about me but my illness proved him wrong.

It was a really reallly bad time and I was really really angry wiv Mummy for abandoning me. Then to make matters worse, she kept on shoving yucky pills down my throat! I scratched her a few times a'cos I wos angry. Plus my big brother was AWFUL - he only stopped hitting me yesterday! Can you believe it! A whole week of being poked and prodded, pilled and then pounced on.

Still, I'm OK now and all is right wiv my world. I even left a special present in the bathroom this morning, just for mummy. ha ha!

I hope effryfing is right with your world, too!

Luf n hugs

Baby Mao xx

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

World War Three

Hi, it's the human slave again!

Baby Mao can't blog - he is home but sadly he is cowering under the bed.

Since he came home, Yao-Lin has been a total brat. He took one look at Mao, went ballistic and hasn't stopped hissing at him for the last three hours!

I've fed them separately and am trying to keep them apart at the moment.

I understand that Yao-Lin is grieving for the love of his life but there is really no need to take it out on his little brother. Mao is equally as upset at the prospect of losing a fellow royal meezer.

On a lighter note, Baby Mao seems back to normal, a little skinny but that is to be expected. I have the joy of giving him his antibiotic pills and pro-kolin paste twice a day!

Back to the vet for a check up on Friday, paws crossed this episode won't repeat!

We are all sending our warmest purrs to dear Storm who has fought such a brave battle. We will always love you Storm.


Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Diagnosis: Food Poisoning!

This is the Human Slave.

I dashed to the vet after work and went to visit Baby. In his 'cell', with a bandaged arm attached to a drip, he cut quite the pathetic figure! He saw me, stared at me with his big blue eyes and then HISSSSSSED pure venom at me! I was devastated!

I opened the door and luckily he soon returned to his usual affectionate self - the vet said that he has been extremely vocal and has voiced his displeasure exceptionally well! Apparently he had diarrhea all night last night but today has settled down and is recovering nicely.

The vet says she thinks it was a really bad case of feline food poisoning - at this point I felt obliged to explain about Baby Mao's night time trips to next door's rubbish bins and how he regularly returns with KFC, naan bread, curried chicken etc etc - a skill taught to him by Yao-Lin!

The vet chuckled and agreed that this was the most likely cause of his illness. Whatever he ate, it made him very ill but thankfully he is on the mend now.

I can pick him up tomorrow evening after work but he has to stay indoors for three days.

I'll be off to the shops tomorrow to buy some lamb chops and steak for a special welcome home dinner for him. I miss my baby!

Thank you SO MUCH for your positive purrs! I really do believe in the power of positive purring - I've seen it work wonders across the cat blogosphere and I can't thank you enough for your loving comments!

I'll be sure to get Baby Mao to blog as soon as he is home, I imagine he will have quite a tail to tell!

Many thanks and much love to all

The Human Slave xx

Monday, 9 June 2008

Baby Mao is at the Vets

This is Baby Mao's Mummy.

Unfortunately, Baby can't post tonight because he is spending the evening at the Vets.

It all started on Saturday - Baby Mao was out all day and wouldn't eat anything when he came in. This is not like the little porker at all - he usually eats me out of house and home, despite his diminutive appearance!

Sunday - he disappeared all day and I spent the day out searching for him. Finally he jumped over the wall having spent a lot of time asleep in next door's greenhouse.

He still wasn't eating or drinking so I syringed some water into his mouth which went down REALLY well with him! I have the scratches to prove it!

Today there was no improvement so I rushed him to our vet who is keeping him in on a drip tonight and running blood tests. She says he may just have had a cold because his throat seems tender and sore and his temperature is up slightly - the cold may have turned into an infection of some sort.

He kept making retching sounds at his food and licking his lips as though he had a nasty taste in his mouth! I have no idea why but I am sure the vets will find out what is wrong.

He howled all the way to the vets office and even more when we arrived. Somewhat amusingly, when the vet took his temperature, he - how can I put this - 'fluffed' and the most nauseating smell drifted throughout the entire building! It was really rather embarrassing!

The vet is confident that it is nothing serious, he isn't even two years old yet and is pretty healthy in all other respects.

I'll get the results tomorrow at 11:00 am but in the meantime, please purr for Baby Mao because I know he will be throwing the mother of all temper tantrums!!

I do hope the staff have strong stomachs when they clean his litter tray tomorrow!

I'll be sure to keep you all posted and will pass on all of your purrs and hugs.

Yours appreciatively,

Baby Mao's Mummy