Do you smell of poo, too?

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Hey effrycat!

Today, I have decided to list Thirteen things I am scared of. I am scaredy-cat, you know!:

1. The hoover. I run a mile as soon as it is brought out.

2. Mummy's wedge shoes. They are loud and clumpy on the wooden floor so I always run away from them.

3. The outdoors. Unless Yao-Lin is next to me and then I am not so scared.

4. Plastic bags. I had a traumatic experience with one stuck to my neck once and now I wont even sniff them.

5. The new crinkle tunnel mummy bought for me. It makes too much noise.

6. The electric guitar. And the acoustic guitar. I'm not so much scared as irate when Daddy is playing it.

7. Being alone. I HAVE to have either Yao-Lin or another human near me at ALL times. I CANNOT be alone.

8. The next door neighbours. They go into MY garden and I have to growl at them (from a safe distance).

9. Thunder and lightning. I really have to run and hide when it is stormy!

10. My big brother. Ok, most of the time I am not scared of him but sometimes, when he gets his big claws out, he frightens me a little but. I mean, have you seen what he did to Mummy with those things?

11. The phone ringing. I bolt across the room when it rings.

12. Strange cats. I met one, once. It didn't go well. He was big and furry and fat and so curious to meet me. I pooed myself and ran!

13. Kaia not liking me anymore. I am really scared she will meet another cat closer to home who isn't as smelly as me.

See? I am a little scaredy cat! Mummy says I wouldn't last five minutes on my own. She needn't worry - I don't intend to!

Lots of love

Baby Mao


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Aw Mao, are you sure we aren't brother and sister? I mean, I have most of those in common with you! Don't worry about Kaia, I'm sure she likes you very much!


Eric and Flynn said...

Oh poor Mao, yoo reely are scaredaren't yoo. We're shore yer big brofurr Yao-lin will purrtect yoo.

Daisy said...

Poor Baby Mao! Maybe you won't be so scairt when you are all grown up. I am also pretty sure that Yao-lin will protect you.

But you are very right to be scairt of thunder and lightning. We had a big storm last night with rain and wind and thunder and lightning and then, a big tree in our back yard FELL DOWN! It really did! And now we have to wait for men to help make it stand back up using some wooden sticks or something.

The Meezer Gang said...

OH, MAO!!! I will NEVER like anyone as much as I like you!!! One day, it might prove to be love. I am not afraid of that word!!!! Do not be scared...cross that one off your list, baby!
Purrs & LOTS of stinky kisses,

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Don't worry Baby Mao, we'z afrade of thunder and litening too. I bet Yao-lin wood protekt yoo effun tho he sez he duzent like yoo. Cuz yoo are his brofur and effun if we don't say so we reely do love our brofurs and sisfurs.

Kimo & Sabi said...

Sabi is our scardy cat! He's afraid of da doorbell (even on TV), the out of doors (hopefully this will change wif a sroller), and he's still getting used to da crinkly inside of da fun tunnel.

Lux said...

Mao, all those things you're scared of make me think of my sister Ninna! I see where Kaia says she will always like you!

Max said...

Running from the Hoover is just SMART. It EATS things! Things I sometimes wanna keep! I run from it, too.

Jimmy Joe said...

Hi there li'l Mao,
Yeah, the giant hoover sucking machine was invented by the devil. Did you know that Beans actually buy one that's CALLED a "Dirt Devil"? That's really smart of you to run and hide. There are dark forces at work when the carpet-eaters come out of the closet.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

caricature said...

Mao you are so cute :) My cats 'Snow' and 'Forest' are just like you!